The Artist

My name is Gislain Benoit. I've been working with electronics since I can remember. I was always fascinated about how things work, especially electronic devices and robots.

Over the years I have built many electronic projects, from alarm systems to light chasers and a few robotic projects. My specialty was always about digital circuits, as their complexity was more intriguing to me than analog electronic devices.

My first artistic device, simply named " The clock ", took me 3 years to design. There were so many factors to consider while designing that project: structural aspect, uniformity of structural density, artistic and electronic concept, and many other unsuspected factors that were discovered during development. 

When the clock was finally completed, I was surprised by the enormous enthusiasm that I got from the people that have seen it, so I decided to make another one, with a completly new approach than the first one.

" The Tower " was my second artistic project. It is a completely different and unique design, which follows the philosophy behind every Techno-Logic-Art  projects.

At this moment, I'm working on many new different design implementations, and many other ideas that I wish to bring to life. My long lasting dream project is to design an arithmetic calculator using once again, only basic electronic components. Although this project may take several years to complete, it is a goal I wish to achieve.

~ Gislain Benoit.
The Project

Time keeping devices have existed since thousands of years. From solar clocks, to huge church clocks and wrist watches. Clocks have evolved and have been used over the years for a single purpose: keep us informed of what time it is.

There has also been some artistic influence that has been expressed in time keeping devices, especially in the past. Watches used more than just a device that show time. They were also jewelry items. Even in our modern days, we find all sorts of "jewelry" clocks, whether it being the big wooden crafted grand-father clock or a gold wrist watch filled with diamonds.

Although the artistic touch has been mostly given on the exterior of the watches, not much importance has ever been given to their interior, as if the technology that is involved in them, could not inspire art. This is about to change!

Since the invention of the microchip, watches have evolved from the mechanical devices that they used to be into electronic devices with no moving parts. This also enabled them to become smaller & cheaper. However, this does not mean that a digital watch has less parts then a mechanical one. On the contrary, digital technology requires much more of them and it has become possible by placing microscopic parts on the tiny silicon surface of a microchip.

Usually it would be difficult to appreciate the technology within a device because opening up a digital watch or even a radio doesn't reveal much. Everything being hidden within the microchips stealthes the beauty of the designs.

This never seen before engineering concept that allows the viewer to see what is hidden inside an electronic watch can now be observed and appreciated as a beautiful piece of art. Techno-Logic-Art  brings the artistic aspect of micro-electronics in a larger three dimensional structure to life.